Our Story

Welcome to Epic Formulas. – State of the Art oils, lubricants and polishes.

Epic Formulas began in 2015 as a solution to a problem; a market saturated with products that overpromised and underperformed. With so little alternative products available and none that held up to expectations, Epic Formulas rose above and broke the mold. With the help of a brilliant chemist, we were able to create some of the finest quality products available today.

Company founder and CEO, Todd Roberts, grew up with a love for anything with an engine: motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, the list goes on. This passion has remained constant in Todd’s life to this day and has ultimately inspired him to create Epic Formulas. As not only the owner of Epic but also a user of the products, Todd knows the difference between quality and what you will get from our competitors.


That Poop Slide product is something else. My wife and I travel a lot in our motorhome and have always been a little reluctant to share our toilet with those we meet along the road, in fear of what is left behind when they are done. Thanks to the Poop Slide and how well it works we no longer worry about what we will find. Keep up the good work.

Our team

Our team is made up of experts in their related fields. Through years of collaboration and testing we have put together some revolutionary new products to over come the short falls we found in the current existing products that were available in the market today.


I can't believe how well the Epic No Fog works! After years of riding off road motorcycles and skiing, always dealing with the inability to see with fogged up goggles, there is finally a fix. It was so nice not to have to stop every 15 minutes during some our extreme rides to wipe my goggles so I could actually see the terrain. Thanks, Todd for this awesome product, I'm I'll be using it for many years to come.