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    Epic Lens cleaner,cleans and protects all glass and plastic goggles and lenses,including acrylic, plexiglass and lexan. Eliminates the appearance of scratches. Repels dust, lint and oils. Resists fingerprints and smudges. Removes static so dust won’t stick. Reduces the need for cleaning. Reduces eye fatigue. Developed using micron technology which provides a more durable coating in harsh conditions. Formulated to be non-abrasive, non-yellowing, odorless and non-smearing. Meets military spec requirements for use on plastic, acrylic and lexan.

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    Jedidiah is 5 yrs old. Started riding his brothers 12 inch when he was 3. Last summer he jumped up to 17 inch. Riding is his favorite thing to do. Ezekiel is 8 yrs. Old. He started riding at 5. Got his first 12 inch oset at 5. Then moved up to a 17 inch ,and is now riding mamas 20 inch. They both want to go faster, Todd can you help us challenge them more in trials so they stay slow and balance!

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    Boat Butter is a revolutionary biodegradable protectant designed to rejuvenate and protect gelcoat & vinyl surfaces. Boat Butter creates a beautiful luxurious finish and also provides a functional barrier against deterioration and UV damage. Boat Butter's unique formula provides superior protection for gelcoat, paint and vinyl finishes, it also Provides a beautiful long lasting shine to new and faded finishes. This product is silicone Free Eco Friendly.